“On the subject of who is to blame for our disunity – “The easy conclusion- that the devil is at work trying to destroy the church- is true, but it’s not the whole story. Of course the enemy is at work doing that. But closer examination shows that much of the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the church itself-on believers in God-and how our own devilish deeds have alienated other followers of God. Sadly, we’ve done the devil’s work for him.”
                                                                                                                                           Author: Ed Galisewski

In this series, we examine the various golden calves we have set up for ourselves. A golden calf is an anachronism for an idol that we have set up in our life, similar to the one that the Hebrews set up when they left Egypt.  (Exodus 32)

Those of you who know me, know how important unity in the Body of Christ is to me. I have a ministry called The Warrior’s Cry which is all about bringing the Body of Christ together. It struck me, when contemplating unity in the church, how the very existence of disunity is comforting to us in the Body of Christ.

One complaint I have about the church is the existence of social cliques within the strata of church society. We are comfortable having a group of friends, friends that are separate from the acquaintances we have at church, friends that we share our most intimate issues with, friends that we can be united with. We are comfortable with dividing ourselves into smaller groups, its nature. Which is why I believe Jesus prayed several times for us to be united in Him as He was with our Father in Heaven. Jesus knew how hard it was for us to work together, how hard it is for us to agree.

We are comfortable in our disunity.

So much of our lives dwell in our comfort zones.

So while it seems that God is off doing something for our benefit, we settle in with a nice cup of coffee, with our friends, shunning those we really don’t know (or care to). We have set up for ourselves teachers who teach a “me” gospel instead of a “them” gospel. We have set up golden calf that must be dealt with.

There is a time for “me” words, and those times are great times. However we have two commandments that Jesus taught us, which sums up all the others. (Both of which are summed up by one word, Love.) Love your God with everything, Love your neighbor as yourself. Love is not comfortable, love is not easy, love is hard work, it is challenging, it is heart wrenching.

Love unites.

Love creates.

Love builds.

Love does not set one up, while tearing another down.

Often times we set ourselves against others because of our competitive nature. While interviewing David Joannes this morning, he made a comment that really stood out to me.

“Church Growth, is not true Growth. One gets upset at something the Pastor says, leaves to another church, and a year later the same thing happens. This is not Church Growth this is Church Shift.”

-David Joannes (withinreachglobal.org)

We are comfortable leaving one church when we aren’t “being fed,” instead of jumping in to feed others.

Brethren, let us melt down this golden calf, and use the gold to build the church. Let us use the gold to feed the poor, help the widow, visit those in jail, and step out of our comfort zone.

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